Our One-Stop Medical Team

Seamless Radiotherapy Treatment Design

  1. Combining round-the-clock medical services with state-of-the-art radiotherapy technology for optimal treatment effect.
  2. Integrating all equipment and efforts of radiotherapy and medical physics department to enhance efficiency and reduce wait time, so as to implement our commitment to commencing treatment within five days after diagnosis.
  3. Resident oncologists supervised by leading experts in PET/ CT/ MRI and Hong Kong’s pioneering medical physicist to ensure accurate diagnosis, quality planning and seamless treatment services.
  4. Unique ancillary facilities for personalized radiotherapy treatment to enhance precision of treatment and optimize treatment outcome while reducing impact on healthy tissues as well as minimizing side-effects.

We integrate MRI scanning for diagnosis, treatment planning and production of positioning tools into one seamless process. Also our oncologists, equipped with Hong Kong’s only mobile radiotherapy planning software, can prepare the blueprint for treatment in clinics or in patients’homes to enhance efficiency.

We are the only medical centre in Hong Kong that provides integrated PET/CT/MRI radiation therapy treatment planning. This improves precision and minimises side effects, ensuring the best treatment outcome for patients.