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The Best Possible Care

For patients diagnosed with a serious illness, ensuring they receive appropriate care is a top priority. At the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Oncology Center, our professional medical team strives to offer every patient comprehensive treatment. From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, we work closely with patients to take care of all their physical, psychological and emotional needs.

Our Pillars of Strength

Each patient at our Center is assigned a Case Coordinator, who will take care of all administrative work during the treatment period. He / she will:

  • check-mark-1 Handle all paperwork in order to save patients the trouble of obtaining medical reports and signing documents
  • check-mark-1 Schedule appointments such as medical consultation, check-up and therapy sessions, in addition to reminding patients of important details to note
  • check-mark-1 Bridge communication between patients and the medical team, as well as answer any queries patients and their families may have

We understand that patients suffering from the same disease may will experience different challenges. We aim to keep waiting time for treatment as short as possible. This is why we endeavor to customize all treatments to fit each patient’s individual needs. We also strive to keep up-to-date with advances in medical technology and cutting-edge treatment methods, and offer the following special arrangements

we aim to keep waiting time for treatment as short as possible, as far as circumstances allow. Following diagno¬sis and the decision to undergo radiotherapy, such as TomoTherapy, the first treatment session will be arranged within two weeks.

The length of a TomoTherapy cycle can range from several to tens of sessions. As tumours may move or shrink during treatment, a second assessment will be conducted when necessary so the treatment can be adjusted accordingly.

General Services


Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapy

The Quadruple Tracking System ensures the correct type and dose of medication is used in each treatment, either via intravenous injection or oral medication


State-of-the-Art Technology

Radiotherapy is a treatment where radiation is used to kill cancer cells


Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

Family Medicine is committed to providing personalized, lifelong care for your entire family.



Surgery is the most common treatment for cancer. Our Centre has an integrated operating room which ensures operations are conducted defiantly.


Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

The Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Oncology Center has many years of experience in precision cancer treatment, and we introduced you the personalised cancer therapy

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Made an appointment:

To lead up an individualized treatment plan, you need to schedule your first appointment with our specialist. At the time of your first visit, you are suggested to bring along the following materials (if applicable).

  • Your most recent health insurance cards
  • History and medical reports
  • X-ray films and reports, including CT Scans
  • Tumour marker reports
  • MRI and ultrasound films and reports
  • Operative reports
  • Complete chemotherapy reports
  • Radiation therapy reports
  • Nuclear medicine scans

Caring Every Step of the Way

Lifestyle management support

Experts from our Lifestyle Management Center are available to offer professional advice concerning daily habits and maintenance, such as weight management, to help strengthen the body.

Nutritional guidance

Our dietitian will recommend a carefully planned and balanced diet to help patients maintain a healthy weight and make certain the body receives all necessary nutrients.

Spiritual support

Our chaplains regulariy visit patients to offer emotional and spiritual support.

Point-to-point pick-up service

Our patients receive personalized care that is affordable and attentive, with many of them being with us since opening day in 1996. We are well tuned to providing the best medical services for everyone, whether you’re passing through or have lived here for years.