Chemotherapy and other drug therapies

Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy

  • check-mark-1 The Quadruple Tracking System ensures the correct type and dose of medication is used in each treatment, either via intravenous injection or oral medication.
  • check-mark-1 On arrival at the therapy room for the first chemotherapy session, patients will be given a detailed explanation of the therapy during a consult with a pharmacist, who will also answer any questions regarding medication.
  • check-mark-1 During therapy, experienced oncology nurses will provide excellent care and ensure patients’ comfort.


  • check-mark-1 Immunotherapy drugs are protein-based antibodies that combat cancer by either launching direct attacks on cancer cells or by assisting the restoration of immune system function.
  • check-mark-1 Compared to drugs based on chemical substances used in chemotherapies and targeted therapies, immunotherapy causes fewer and milder side-effects.
  • check-mark-1 Immunotherapy drugs are generally injected intravenously every two to three weeks, with each session taking approximately one hour. The effectiveness of immunotherapy is research proven and it has been demonstrated that by using immunotherapy as a second-line treatment for lung cancer patients, patients attained a higher one-year survival rate than with just chemotherapy alone.