Cancer Patient Support


We all know that cancer rehabilitation is a long winding journey. A cancer diagnosis can shake you to the core. A lot of thought and decision making may additionally be required from you to put together the right treatment plan for you. Most people are petrified of the suffering and side effects that come with cancer treatment. There is simply so much to focus on at a time from an experience that has likely turned your life upside down.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Oncology Center (HKAOC) and Hong Integrated Oncology Center (HKIOC) jointly launched the “Cancer Patient Support” program, which encourages patients along the anti-cancer road, from diet and nutritious, clinical psychological services, cancer massage, breast prosthesis and scalp cooling system.

HKAOC provides a comprehensive continuum of cancer care close to home, in a bright and relaxed environment. We incorporate all our cancer services under one roof to ensure a continuity and constancy of care. We will work closely with you to put together a holistic treatment program tailored to you and your caregivers’ specific needs – whether these be your individual nutritional needs, post-operative care, or how to best manage treatment side effects and your mental state of mind. We are here to achieve the best outcome for you for true healing.

Common cancer diagnosis methods generally include routine examinations, such as blood tests, urine tests, imaging tests, biopsy, and genetic testing. Apart from diagnosing cancer, these investigations can also localise the primary site, differentiate the specific cancer cell type, perform cancer staging, identify whether there is metastasis, formulate treatment plan, monitor disease progression and detect recurrence.

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Oncology Center (HKAOC) provides: (1) The fastest possible date and time for MRI, CT Scan or PET-CT; (2) Pre‐appointment’ reminders

Our advanced diagnostic equipment, click here to know more:

  • check-mark-1 Positron Emission Tomography and Computerized Tomography scan (PET/CT scan)
  • check-mark-1 Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI)
  • check-mark-1 Radionuclide & Molecular Imaging
  • check-mark-1 Mammography
  • check-mark-1 Ultrasound
  • check-mark-1 Interventional Radiology
  • check-mark-1X-ray Diagnostic Radiology
  • check-mark-1 DEXA

HKAOC and Hong Integrated Oncology Center (HKIOC) have a total of 9 clinical oncology specialists who provide patients with a better understanding of their health and assisting them to get timely treatment when needed.

  • check-mark-1 For patients with early-stage cancer, surgery is usually one of the treatment options.
  • check-mark-1 For mid-and late-stage cancer patients with tumours that cannot be removed completely through surgery, they may need to consider other treatment approach, including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy or hormones therapy.
  • check-mark-1 More ground breaking therapies are being introduced from time to time to offer new hope to cancer patients.

Our program provides support to cancer patients along their cancer-fighting journey, from monitoring their nutrition, improving, relieving side effects, offering post-operative care to organising workshops for patients and their caregivers.

Service we provide

Diet and Nutrition

In general, cancer patients should maintain a diet that is balanced and increases their caloric and protein intake. Their daily diet should include grains, meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. However, given the differences in physical status, levels of disease, and treatments, cancer patients should consult medical professionals and a registered dietitian to develop a dietary plan that meets their needs.

Clinical Psychological Services

Mental health of cancer patients is directly connected to treatment outcome, thus addressing the psychological needs of cancer patients and caregivers is crucial in the fight against cancer.

Breast Cancer Support

Breast Prosthesis or Breast reconstruction can help patients to rebuild self-esteem while reducing the discomfort brought about by surgery.

Scalp Cooling

Scalp cooling can restrict the amount of chemo drug reaching the hair follicles so as to alleviate the problem of hair loss.

Cancer massage

Cancer massage is a form of complementary therapy specially designed for cancer patients with the aim of relieving their physical discomfort or improving their psychological well-being.

Cancer awareness activities

We aim to spread awareness regarding preventive measures to be practiced against cancer amongst the mass audience and thereby among their respective families.